Thursday, October 28, 2010

Animal Print Booties!!!

You may remember my previous post about how animal print booties are going to be BIG this Fall? Well here are a few examples of how to rock them celebrity style. The first pic is of celebrity stylist June Ambrose rocking these black and white animal print booties while running around NYC. The second pic is of Ciara last week right before she stepped on 106 and Park! These shoes are by Azzedine Alaia, a lace up, platform ankle bootie!

Now these ankle booties are Christian Louboutins! Very similar to the ones from my previous post. In the first pic June Ambrose is sporting these while "Haute Hunting" in the city for a client. In the second pic Ciara is rocking these on the red carpet for the For Colored Girls movie premiere. These girls look like they share the same shoe closet? One FABULOUS shoe closet! ;-)

**(Tues 11/09/10) UPDATE! I also spotted these booties in Keri Hilson's new music video Breaking Point! When she is sitting in the salon chair!!!

** Next time your shopping make sure u pick up a pair of animal print booties!!!

Gucci Men!!!

 Silver high-tops are sexy and stylish. They show that you actually put thought into your fit and add personality. Make it look effortless and pair with a white tee and dark-wash jeans! *If you can find them in chrome even better!
 These suede oxfords are great for dressing up a casual look like jeans and a tee or dressing down a buisness look like slacks and a button-down.
 Chrome is the new silver! Get a chrome accessory for Fall 2010!
 Pair with a basic fit. Solid colored top and jeans, the printed/colored shades will add a subtle pop!

 Pair these aviators with a plaid button-down and med-wash shorts to add a splash of sexy and sophistication to a casual look.

I see that I have some males following my blog so I cant leave yall out of the fashion insiders for Fall 2010. Above are some of my favorite looks from Gucci that will keep you up to date for this Fall. All of these looks are easy to find at the mall for an inexpensive price. Use these pictures as guides so that when you go shopping you know what to look for! Focus on nudes, neutrals and earth bright colors unless its an accent accessory like shades or a wallet! :-) Every girl loves a well dressed man...Good Luck!

Air Jordan...Heels???

Air Jordan 11
 Air Jordan 7
 Air Jordan 5
 Air Jordan 8

Can you believe this!? When I saw these I immediately thought that they were SUPER TACKY!!! They are definitely NOT my style but I can see a girl that likes going to basketball games with her boyfriend wanting to match with the same Jays! I think it would be cute. They are available in numbers 1,4,5,7,11,12 and 23 in an array of colors and patterns. If you have season tickets you might wanna consider it? Pair them with your team jersey/ shirt or a solid colored top and jeans. But these shoes are absolutely not acceptable anywhere else besides a basketball game! Please do not try rocking these to the mall, school, park ANYWHERE! That is a NO-NO ladies.

Rihanna on the Cover of Marie Claire!!!

Rihanna looks gorgeous on the cover of Marie Claire Magazine UK!!! This is the December issue that will hit shelves TODAY!!! But now down to business...the fashion! My favorite look is definitely the pale pink feather mini dress. It is for sure the most high fashion piece and well....I LOVE FEATHERS!!! (no wonder the put it on the cover ;-) I also loved that they paired it with red shoes to balance out with her makes the look clean and sophisticated. My least favorite has got to be that baby blue stripper dress with all of those glass shards scattered all over it!? I think it looks trashy and totally out of place...does not fit with the other looks?! The last pic is a close up so we can only see that she is wearing a sexy silver blazer with something grey and chiffon under it but I like what I see. The other two looks (the white and light blue) are boring in my not Rihanna...the stylist for this shoot...I mean seriously??? She/he gets a 1 out of 5...SMH.

Monday, October 25, 2010

H&M Home!!!

You may not know this but H&M has a home line. They design pieces for the bedroom, kitchen, dinning room, bathroom etc... It has been sold exclusively in only one store in Stockholm and online in seven countries since last September. But this Fall H&M is expanding their Home collection to three new boutiques in Helsinki, Copenhagen and London. Whats kool and different about this home collection is that they are inspired by the runways and current clothing trends to design their items. They work with fabrics like velvet, faux fur and feathers! (I LOVE FEATHERS!) Unfortunately for us Americans H&M Home is not available in the US! :-( So I wrote them an email hoping to inspire a change! Read below...
When visiting your site I noticed that you offer a H&M Home line. I live in the USA and it seems as though H&M Home is not available to me, not even online. I was just wondering if there was any way that Americans could get their hands on H&M Home items? I know a lot of fashionable girls going away to college that would LOVE to furnish their new dorm rooms with your chic and fashion forward items! (including me!)
Please consider,
Yvette Jordan :-)
Actually online shopping for H&M is not available at all in the USA!! So if you don't live near a store basically you are screwed out of all the fashion fun!!! Well hopefully this makes a differences because I would love to have some of these sets for my room!!! And they are reasonably inexpensive! Below are more pics of H&M Home from past collections.
UPDATE!!! This morning I got this response from H&M...
Hello Yvette,

Thank you for your interest in H&M HOME which is not available in the
United States.

Since our launch in the U.S. market in 2000, our focus has been on
building new store locations. Therefore, our garments, for now, can only
be purchased by visiting one of our stores.

We are aware of the great interest in online/phone orders/catalog
shopping and we look forward to offering this service to our U.S.
customers in the future.

H&M Customer Service Team

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kate Moss leaves TopShop!!!

Super model Kate Moss has been designing collections for Topshop (a widely respected retailer similar to H&M with stores worldwide from Japan to Egypt and only one in the US located in New York) for the past three years. But after the Fall 2010 collection which was released this month she will no longer be designing for Topshop. Supposedly this project was interfering with her "other commitments" but spectators believe their might have been a disagreement between Kate and Sir Philip Green (Topshop owner, retail tycoon and Kate's personal friend). 

Above are pictures of Kate and Philip and three looks from Kate's last collection for Topshop. I'm personally not too impressed with the pieces in this collection, I feel as though she should have gone out with a bang and not with a whisper and that's exactly what she did. The items range in prince from $150-$250.
But besides that, if you are an online shopper then you should definitely take a look at the Topshop website. They have amazing pieces to spice up even the most stylish wardrobe!

Blake Lively in Lanvin

At the Spike TV Scream Awards Blake Lively appeared in a flattering Lanvin ensemble. This look is from the Lanvin Spring 2011 collection. It was rich with nude, pastel and earth tone shades (I saw the show it was amazing!!!). Now I know what your thinking..."What a beautiful dress!"...but...its not a dress! It is actually a 3-piece consisting of a top,skirt and harness! Creative right?! Definitely the hero pieces of this fit are the harness and the gorgeous insect broach on the neckline. I like that Blake looks just like the runway model in the show, she wore the look exactly the same even down to shoe, hair and make up. She totally pulls of this look and the high slit in the skirt is sexy not trashy. TWO THUMBS UP BLAKE :-)

** Two trends to look out for from this look are nude tones and broaches!!! These will be very big this fall into spring :-)

Forever 21

I am a big advocate for Forever21 I shop there all of the time. They have some really nice pieces for Fall. These are pictures of my favorite looks for fall. I love all of these fits! They are each unique and different styles. I call them Haute Harlet, Sassy Intellectual, Boho Chic, Modern Mod, and Rocker Rage. There is defiantly a piece in here for everyone no matter what style you rock. Next time you go shopping pick up an item that you like that might look crazy to you (like the horizontal striped skirt in the 4th pic) and try it on with something basic. DON'T BE SCARED!!! You'll be surprised what you can pull of with a little confidence ;-)

** Personally I placed my order for the feather cape in the first picture the minute I saw it!!! I almost had a heat-attack!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Betsy Moss Fashion Show!!!

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Last night I had the pleasure of meeting siblings Jorge and Betsy Perez, the designers of the fashion line Betsy Moss . Jorge started to work at a bank straight out of high school but found it extremely unfulfilling. When searching for a new job he stumbled upon a clerical position for a designer which turned into an assistant position. After learning the ropes and gaining valuable experience he discovered that fashion design is his ultimate passion. He decided to enlist his fashionable sister Betsy to create his own line! The name for the line came from his sisters name...duh :-) and his old childhood nickname Moss. 

They premiered their most current collection with a fashion show in the trendy club Louis at the Gansevoort Hotel on South Beach. It has a relaxed resort feel that features eye-catching swimsuits, funky one-pieces fun maxi dress and more! Easygoing girls that love going to the beach would love this collection.The show was high energy and exciting...a total success! I'm looking forward to the next collection, show and everything to come from this progressive designer! 

Above are pictures of me, the designers, the models (in order of first run Anedie, Apryl, Jocelyn, Valerie, Nicole) make-up artist (Joshua Ribadeo), Hair stylist (Leo Martini), assistant (Rashad Subhan)

Below is my exclusive interview with the designers right after the show!!!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lanvin is going to H&M!!!

Alber Elbaz is the designer behind Lanvin (a designer brand rocked my the likes of Rihanna and celebrity stylist June Ambrose!) The pictures above are looks from this years Pre-Fall and Fall/Winter collections but coming November 23rd the "Lavin Loves H&M" collection will be released in H&M stores worldwide!!! H&M (a retail store known for its trendy and contemporary fashionable pieces) is a pioneer for bringing uberly expensive designer brands to the general public and making them affordable for the everyday girl. First with Jimmy Choo for H&M last year that created a frenzy amongst price conscious fashionistas! Now this year with Lanvin...I can only imagine (since there is no H&M in Miami I will really have to IMAGINE). But for those who do live where there is an H&M mark your calendars!!!


As I mentioned on my twitter (@yvetteisstyling) ive been at the mall everyday this week. Once for me, once for my out of town cousin,and once for my aunt! They all needed my style advice so I went along :-) Anyways, these are two of my outfits from when I was out with them.

In the first fit I rocked a new trend where u take a pair of baggy sweats and make them look chic. So I took my sweats, tucked a neon pink tank inside of them and threw on a black boyfriend blazer with black suede ankle sandles.

In the seocnd fit I have on a wide neck embellished grey top with faded black cuffed jeans, a beaded gold wing headband, gold stud sandals and my large zebra bag. (**pink lip)

Funky Nails!!!

Hey everyone! The other day I decided to do something funky and new with my nails! So I painted them gold and used black to make the zebra lines (the black nail polish I used are the ones that come with a very small thin brush used for nail art). Ive been getting compliments from everyone about them! So don't be afraid to try it out, it easy! All you need is patience and a steady hand ;-)