Thursday, December 2, 2010

Victoria Secret Fashion Show!!!

Hot glove and broach at the waist.

Love this farm girl look.

Adore these wings! *whispers "feathers"*

 VS's take on a soccer player ;-)

I used to love playing with streamers when I was little!

Loved this look with the rhinestone gloves & bra.

That body-piece and ankle-strap platform die!

Those wings are crazy!!!

Sexy body-suit!

 Award for best wings of the night in my book!

These Guiseppe Zanotti boots are a royal blue variation on the black ones seen on this 10 cover modeled by Anna Dello Russo. *The 6th cover ;-)

 Top 3 sexiest looks of the night! Yall know I LOVE FEATHERS!!!

 Wild Thing!

I love the bra/jacket combo! And the chaps didn't hurt either ;-)

 Love how the wings were interpreted here.

 Katy Perry performed in these crazy costumes that ONLY she could pull off.

 SUPER TACKY all together but  really love the off-the-shoulder sequin top (minus the cuff at the end)

 Those cray gold cuffs!!

                                                           ^                    ^                      ^
Hello fashion lovers!!! Well I'm sure all of you had your eyes glued to the tv screen this Tuesday when the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2010 made for the most sizzling hot hour of entertainment this year! All of the ladies were gorgeous and did a fabulous job of strutting down the runway so eloquently (no slips or trips). Personally I was paying more attention to the shoes than the lingerie, and I spied a pair of Guiseppe Zanotti booties in some crazy amazing colors!!! Many of the shoes were used several times during the show just in different colors/patterns (as you will notice from the pictures above). Even though the show was great I have seen better from Victoria Secret in the past as far as the spectacle of it all and the choice of artists performing. But overall great show no argument there ;-)

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  1. Love these pics, I wana be them all (including Katy Perry of course ;-)