Friday, November 5, 2010

Get the Look!!!

 Giuseppe Zanotti ankle booties | $1,585
**UPDATE!!! I spotted Ciara in these yesterday(Mon 11/08/10) on 106 and Park while she was co-hosting with Terrance! She was wearing the grey version...HOT!

 Guess ankle booties | $169.00

Seychelles ankle booties | $144.00

Ever wish you could get the designer look for less without having to shop around in a discount store like Marshalls or Ross? (I never step foot in those stores not me). Well its easy ladies! At the top, those Giuseppe Zanotti's are definitely out of our prince range but the Guess and Seychelles are definitely affordable! They are almost exactly the same minus the stones and the suede and that ridiculous price tag ;-)


  1. look at you being onpoint girl... can i expect you in a pair of these... ;)


  2. i have some just like them but in i have ivory ankle heels so im good :-) gracias!

  3. I had a pair like the Guess Ankle booties back in the 80's just like them....Fashion is timeless,mmm never goes out of style