Monday, November 22, 2010

Rihanna Hit & Miss!!!

Rihanna opened the American Music Awards (AMAS) last night in this playful ensemble. I love the B&W strapless top and the arm cuffs but the scarf around the waist just made the bottom half look kinda half-assed.

That same night at the AMAS Rihanna walked the red carpet looking drop dead gorgeous in this risque Elie Saab red peek-a-boo gown!!! the hair! This will be my next doo (minus the red) :-)

I must admit I'm a little torn on this fit. I hate the hair, that's probably why she only rocked it for a week (last week) and the changed it back for the AMAS. I love that she is mixing patterns but I don't know if these are working the the flimsy skirt? What do you think?
                                   MISS!!!                                     HIT!!!
 Ok so on the left is Rihanna on 106 and Park last week in a monochromatic sea-foam green ensemble. disappointed and the hair didn't help. But on the right is Rihanna in Paris a few weeks ago doing the monochromatic trend (very in for this season BTW) properly in pastel pink BEAUTIFUL :-)

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