Friday, November 12, 2010

Outfit Breakdown!!!

 Night Out!!!
 Hey yall! I went out last night with my "main girl" lol and she took these pics of me. It was a club on South Beach. That night Amber Rose was hosting and Shaq just showed up randomly. I guess he was there to celebrate cuz his team (Celtics) actually beat us (Heat) that night so...yea SMH.

Sequin Bow Headband > Forever 21
Lace Tank Top > A'gaci
Sequin High Waisted Shorts > Forever 21
Silver Snap Clutch > Bakers
Rinestone Half Circle Ring & Earrings > A'gaci
Silver Bracelet & 3 Buckle Waist Belt > A'gaci
 Peep Toe Heels > A'gaci

Everything im wearing is under $30 each. Sorry I dont have the prices but these items aren't new so...yea and the hero pieces of this fit are the sequin shorts and bow headband. I styled my fit around them :-)


  1. That belt is ridiculous, love it. Also I agree with the previous commenter - those shorts make your legs look a thousand miles long.

  2. lol thanks....i do have unusually long legs even for a tall girl lol ;-)

  3. Love the look! That belt makes your waist so tiny.