Friday, October 22, 2010

Betsy Moss Fashion Show!!!

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Last night I had the pleasure of meeting siblings Jorge and Betsy Perez, the designers of the fashion line Betsy Moss . Jorge started to work at a bank straight out of high school but found it extremely unfulfilling. When searching for a new job he stumbled upon a clerical position for a designer which turned into an assistant position. After learning the ropes and gaining valuable experience he discovered that fashion design is his ultimate passion. He decided to enlist his fashionable sister Betsy to create his own line! The name for the line came from his sisters name...duh :-) and his old childhood nickname Moss. 

They premiered their most current collection with a fashion show in the trendy club Louis at the Gansevoort Hotel on South Beach. It has a relaxed resort feel that features eye-catching swimsuits, funky one-pieces fun maxi dress and more! Easygoing girls that love going to the beach would love this collection.The show was high energy and exciting...a total success! I'm looking forward to the next collection, show and everything to come from this progressive designer! 

Above are pictures of me, the designers, the models (in order of first run Anedie, Apryl, Jocelyn, Valerie, Nicole) make-up artist (Joshua Ribadeo), Hair stylist (Leo Martini), assistant (Rashad Subhan)

Below is my exclusive interview with the designers right after the show!!!


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