Saturday, October 23, 2010

Forever 21

I am a big advocate for Forever21 I shop there all of the time. They have some really nice pieces for Fall. These are pictures of my favorite looks for fall. I love all of these fits! They are each unique and different styles. I call them Haute Harlet, Sassy Intellectual, Boho Chic, Modern Mod, and Rocker Rage. There is defiantly a piece in here for everyone no matter what style you rock. Next time you go shopping pick up an item that you like that might look crazy to you (like the horizontal striped skirt in the 4th pic) and try it on with something basic. DON'T BE SCARED!!! You'll be surprised what you can pull of with a little confidence ;-)

** Personally I placed my order for the feather cape in the first picture the minute I saw it!!! I almost had a heat-attack!!!

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  1. oh my gosh. i love this entry. the picture number 3 is the best. and the last pic is cool too. i could wear those clothes at any time. :)) xo