Monday, October 25, 2010

H&M Home!!!

You may not know this but H&M has a home line. They design pieces for the bedroom, kitchen, dinning room, bathroom etc... It has been sold exclusively in only one store in Stockholm and online in seven countries since last September. But this Fall H&M is expanding their Home collection to three new boutiques in Helsinki, Copenhagen and London. Whats kool and different about this home collection is that they are inspired by the runways and current clothing trends to design their items. They work with fabrics like velvet, faux fur and feathers! (I LOVE FEATHERS!) Unfortunately for us Americans H&M Home is not available in the US! :-( So I wrote them an email hoping to inspire a change! Read below...
When visiting your site I noticed that you offer a H&M Home line. I live in the USA and it seems as though H&M Home is not available to me, not even online. I was just wondering if there was any way that Americans could get their hands on H&M Home items? I know a lot of fashionable girls going away to college that would LOVE to furnish their new dorm rooms with your chic and fashion forward items! (including me!)
Please consider,
Yvette Jordan :-)
Actually online shopping for H&M is not available at all in the USA!! So if you don't live near a store basically you are screwed out of all the fashion fun!!! Well hopefully this makes a differences because I would love to have some of these sets for my room!!! And they are reasonably inexpensive! Below are more pics of H&M Home from past collections.
UPDATE!!! This morning I got this response from H&M...
Hello Yvette,

Thank you for your interest in H&M HOME which is not available in the
United States.

Since our launch in the U.S. market in 2000, our focus has been on
building new store locations. Therefore, our garments, for now, can only
be purchased by visiting one of our stores.

We are aware of the great interest in online/phone orders/catalog
shopping and we look forward to offering this service to our U.S.
customers in the future.

H&M Customer Service Team

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