Saturday, October 2, 2010

Outfit Breakdown!!!

Sorry for the bootleg pics...I didn't have anyone to take them for me so I did them with my camera timer.

Top: houndstooth long sleeve tee w/ light wash denim vest
Bottom: high-waisted black mini skirt, pleated in front
Shoes: black booties w/ black straps and sliver buckles
Accessory: charcoal chain w/ tear-drop jewel pendant

**A red lip always makes things more interesting. The denim vest adds a retro edge to the outfit along with the detailed booties! :-)


  1. I LOVE THE SHOES!! and i deff like the outfit, & i can see YOU in it as well <3


  2. OMG!!!
    This outfit is HOT!!!
    Red lips always make things much more interesting.

  3. HOT HOT HOT... I love the little details, like the pleats on the skirt and the buckles on the boots... I especially love the higher cut boots with the short skirt!