Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gucci Men!!!

 Silver high-tops are sexy and stylish. They show that you actually put thought into your fit and add personality. Make it look effortless and pair with a white tee and dark-wash jeans! *If you can find them in chrome even better!
 These suede oxfords are great for dressing up a casual look like jeans and a tee or dressing down a buisness look like slacks and a button-down.
 Chrome is the new silver! Get a chrome accessory for Fall 2010!
 Pair with a basic fit. Solid colored top and jeans, the printed/colored shades will add a subtle pop!

 Pair these aviators with a plaid button-down and med-wash shorts to add a splash of sexy and sophistication to a casual look.

I see that I have some males following my blog so I cant leave yall out of the fashion insiders for Fall 2010. Above are some of my favorite looks from Gucci that will keep you up to date for this Fall. All of these looks are easy to find at the mall for an inexpensive price. Use these pictures as guides so that when you go shopping you know what to look for! Focus on nudes, neutrals and earth bright colors unless its an accent accessory like shades or a wallet! :-) Every girl loves a well dressed man...Good Luck!

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